Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is responsible for the spiritual and temporal oversight of the congregation’s affairs. It is the lowest court in the Church of Scotland. At the Scots Kirk, the Session comprises the minister, who is the Moderator of meetings, and 14 elders, who are nominated and appointed by the Session. Meetings are held about every two months and are open to all members of the congregation. 

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Janet Shaner

Janet Shaner. Session Clerk. She comes from Iowa and has been living in Switzerland for 20 years. She keeps us on the straight and narrow.


Catherine Cowper

Pastoral care team convenor. Catherine is from Perth and has spent most of her working life in Switzerland. She is a meticulous organizer & has a heart of gold.


Cynthia Gunn

Pastoral care team. Cynthia hails from Australia and was a teacher in Switzerland for many years. As an Ecumenical Accompanier in Palestine and Israel, she is a devoted advocate for this cause.


Sylvia McKillop

Presbytery elder, worship team convenor, outreach team. Sylvia has Argentine and British blood, but is firmly settled in Switzerland. If you want anything done, just ask Sylvia! She produces mince pies by the dozen for the bazaar.


William Wright

Finance team convenor, nominating committee convenor. William is British and has lived in Switzerland for several decades. He recently updated the church history. He is a rail enthusiast, with a particular fondness for steam trains.

Janet 2015.jpg

Karma Fussell 

Treasurer. Karma is from the US and is a relative newcomer to Switzerland. She is full of fun and very enthusiastic.


Janet Beard

Pastoral care and outreach team. Janet is Scottish and has been living in Switzerland for nearly 40 years. She is a keen member of the Art Group.


Catherine FitzSimons

Welcome team convenor. Cathy is American and hails from South Carolina. She loves the Swiss countryside and retreats to the mountains whenever she can.

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Robert Kenneth

Worship team. Robert hails from Scotland and is an inveterate marathon runner. Now that this is "easy", he has taken up the Iron Man challenge, including in the World Championship in Hawaii.

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Lindsay McTeague

Outreach team. Lindsay was raised in South Africa before being swept off her feet by a Scot and landing in Lausanne nearly 20 years ago. She enjoys cooking and can spot a missing apostrophe from a mile away.

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Susan Giddons

Session minute taker and Cornerstone editor. Susan is British and has lived in Lausanne for ages. She retreats to the mountains whenever she can.


Ross Bennie

 Safeguarding elder. Ross is Scottish and probably travels the longest distance to get to church on a Sunday. Eclipse chaser in his spare time.


Tim Goodman

Property team. Tim is originally from Michigan and moved to Switzerland for a couple of years 30 years ago. People come to the bazaar from far and wide to buy his Engadiner nüsstorte.


Johnny Kwakye

Social and fellowship team. Johnny, who comes from Ghana, is chef extraordinaire. Potluck lunches are enriched by his aubergine salads and fabulous hummus. 


Vicky Sikora

Christian education team. Vicky was born in Canada and has lived in Switzerland for many years. She is a keen environmentalist and believes in communication, communication, communication.