Sacraments & Service

Worship at the Scots Kirk is family orientated and relaxed. With a Church community drawn from 22 different nationalities, there's still a flavour of the Scottish Presbyterian tradition!                                                                    
All are welcome and you are invited to feel at home at the Scots Kirk. 
Bring  your heart, your mind and spirit to worship.  Share your ideas, experience and interest with us and together we'll raise our praise to God.  

Worship every Sunday at 10h30. 

Worship every Sunday at 10h30. 

We are pleased to use a variety of musical styles in worship.   Members of the congregation regularly read the Bible passages in the service and often lead the thanksgiving and prayers for others.  The sermon is usually given by the minister, Ian, and on occasion by others including some members of the congregation. We celebrate the christian festivals and our God given life together throughout the year.   

The Sacrament Holy Communion at The Scots Kirk

At the Scots Kirk we celebrate Communion as part of our regular Sunday morning worship on the first Sunday of each month and on other significant Christian festival days, such as Christmas and Easter. The Sacrament of Holy Communion, also sometimes called the Lord's Supper, is open to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Potluck Lunches

Our Lord's supper tradition comes from the context of a meal among friends, and we such fellowship important part of the Christian tradition.  Worship and communion is followed by a potluck lunch on the first Sunday of each month.  You are warmly invited to attend; there is always plenty of food to go around!

Communion feeds our Common Life, sustaining faith, love and service