Bring & Buy Books

Open every Wednesday from 15:00 to 17:30

The BnBB sales continue to be popular with book-hungry people and no wonder - with over 2,000 books carefully selected - they are getting some great deals. It is a special place for all book lovers or simply a place to chat over tea or coffee in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. 

  • You'll find all kind of books in English and French, (a few in German and Italian as well) fiction, non-fiction, history, biography, classics, poetry, art, cooking, travel, language, children's books, music, etc.
  • You'll find also a large selection of DVDs.
  • Prices: 1 book CHF 2.-, 6 books CHF 10.-, 15 books CHF 20.-, DVDs CHF 3.- CD's CHF 2.-, LPs prices on demand.
  • If you have books or DVDs, CDs and LPs that you want to be rid of, please bring them to us.